Pamela (Pam) Vinnett is one of the most prolific and accurate prophetic apostles of our generation. She has been a pioneer in the prophetic and apostolic long before it was widely accepted or understood in the greater body of Christ. Her prophetic acumen has caused her to be invited to minister to some of the most distinguished and prominent dignitaries. Pamela is a trailblazer that has paid her dues and could justifiably retire in comfort, but her passion is to train and raise up a generation of accurate, seasoned and bold leaders who will take the baton and run the race with ntegrity and power.    


Pamela Vinnett is one of the premiere pioneers of the prophetic/apostolic movement.  She is one of the first female prophetic voices to be heralded on national Christian television. Vinnett has delivered the word of the Lord to seated presidents, kings, governors, senators, CEO’S of corporations, and many of the most powerful Christian leaders in the world, as well as individuals, churches and organizations. Her counsel in matters of government is often sought out from leaders on every strata of society nationally and internationally.

Pam Vinnett has been in full-time ministry for nearly four decades. She is in relationships with several apostolic and prophetic ministries and serves as an apostolic covering to many ministries. 

Her ministry and organization are principally submitted to Kingdom International Assemblies (Apostle Rick Daniels, Miami, FL), and she is an honorary member of Liberty Temple Full Gospel Fellowship (Bishop Clifford Turner, Chicago, IL).

For nearly thirty years, Pam Vinnett has mentored and trained in the prophetic and apostolic. Through her two-year prophetic school, prophetic intensives and one-on-one training, she has raised up numerous prophetic and apostolic voices that are functioning in churches, government, school systems, healthcare, NGO's, business and financial industries, sports, and entertainment. Her model of leadership has always been to train and dispatch. 


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